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Created in 1895, the "Théâtre du Peuple" (folk theater)is first of all the brainchild of Maurice Pottecher, a humanistic poet born in Bussang, who was convinced that art should unite all citizens, beyond their social and cultural differences, under an unique motto " through Art, for Humanity". This theater, unique in France because of its aura, its longevity and originality (it is usual nowadays, as well as in the past,  to mingle amateurs with professional actors) can be considered as the first step in the great adventure of "popular theater".

The 14 steps of this tour provide an opportunity to discover the author, his work and his places of inspiration, as well as the village of Bussang in the heart of the "Ballons" area.

Duration of the tour: 1h to 1h30 (from step 1 to 14).

Length : almost 1.9km

The flyer is downloadable here.

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    • Office du Tourisme
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    • Bussang
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