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In Bussang, what better environment than the "Théâtre du Peuple" to follow the adventures of Rose and Louis?
Will the show, which Rose and Louis should see at the "Théâtre du Peuple", take place tonight?

Some rascals from the village stepped into the theater dressing room and stole accessories and decor items from the stage! Fortunately, in their flight, they lost these objects on a path that goes arround the theater. It is up to you to find them so that the actors can act out the play.

Request the documents of the track game (only in french) at the tourism office of Bussang, it is free, or download them here above.

To follow them, you just need some curiosity and good shoes! It's up to you!

During the theater season, be careful not to make too much noise, because the actors rehearse ... or are in full acting out! Please do not park your car on the theater carpark during the summer festival of the theater.

In the area of ​​the "Hautes Vosges", 10 resorts have decided to show you the best of their diversity through unforgettable moments with the family. Whether in the valleys or in the mountains, or even in the heart of the villages, each of them has thought of unusual walks for children, from 1 to 4.5 km trails.
Let us accompany you and follow in the footsteps of our 2 adventurers, Rose and Louis!

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    • Bussang
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