Code of the Mountain biker

Code for mountain bikers

Guidelines for the well-being of Mountain Bikers

Ride mountain bikes as you like! But…
  • Follow roads marked specifically for your safety and respect the direction of routes
  • Do not overestimate your capability and remain in control of your speed
  • Be careful and courteous during the overtaking or the crossing of hikers because pedestrians have the right of way
  • Check the condition of your mountain bike and provide adequate provisions and repair accessories
  • If you ride solo, leave your itinerary with someone
  • Helmets are recommended for all riders
  • Respect private properties and culture zones
  • Pay attention to agricultural and forest machineries
  • Close all gates as you pass through
  • Avoid picking wild flowers, fruits and mushrooms
  • Do not disturb the tranquillity of wild animals
  • Keep your garbage, be discreet and environment-friendly
  • Be prepared, think of bicycle Pass’Loisir
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