To discover the Mass

Outstanding natural beauty

The moutains are so beautiful! Forests interspersed with lakes, a perfect harmony of greens and blues. The valleys and glacial cirques evoke powerful feelings of wonder and delights. The Hautes Vosges are the epitome of natural beauty. Its treasures are carefully preserved: the peat bogs house rare microscopic flora, while high-altitude fertile stubble fields flirt with the sky. Covering an altitude of between 600 and 1363 metres, each different level has its pleasures: the simple joy of getting back to basics and the delight of experiencing the great power of nature in the awe-inspiring granite and fresch-flowing springs.

Superb heritage

From the earliest times, man has left his mark, handed down and preserved his heritage.

The Hautes Vosges is a land of invention, wich its shares all year round with warmth and passion. There is a wealth of places to visit, from a textiles museum to nature trails, a traditional confectioner's shop, a clog factory, farm inns and artisans. The warmth of the extremly fertile cultural exchanges can be seen in the traditional celebrations, such as the sculpture and cinema festivals, and shows at the Theatre du Peuple.

It's great to get away from it all!

There is great range of leisure activities available in the Hautes Vosges.

It is the ideal location for walking, cycling, horse riding and hiking. Under expert supervision, the elements make these actvities all the more attractive. Paragliding, climbing and water sports on the rivers or lakes all offer exhilaration and thrills. But you'll need to stay alert! Wether on the aerial ropeway of an adventure playground, out fishing or taking part in the latest craze in leisure activities, you will be surrounded by mountains full of imagination, joy and life.

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