The Pearl of the Vosges

The Gem of the Vosges

Visitors can have a wonderfully relaxing time all year round!

Gérardmer is a listed tourist resort, a health resort and a winter sports resort. It is known as the "Gem of the Vosges", and lies nestling in greenery, between the lake, forests and mountains, at the heart of the Vallée des Lacs. It is a dynamic and festive town, and has long been a popular destination for visitors to Lorraine. This delightful town, has every possible attraction all year round, for those who love the natural world and outdoor activities such as sports.


In summer everything is green, a delightful contrast to the white of winter. Right in the centre of one of the biggest fir forests in France, a host of clearly-marked and well-maintained paths is available for visitors, to encourage them to visit these wonderful surroundings. There are different ways of visiting the countryside:

  • on foot with a guide or on your own
  • on horseback
  • by mountain bike

The Lakes

Lake Gérardmer (the largest natural lake in the Vosges !) and Lake Xonrupt together, with the many rivers and waterfalls that flow through the Vallée des Lacs are a delight for visitors. A host of activities is available: swimming, fishing, canoeing, sailing, wind surfing, rowing and diving, as well as going for rides on pedal boats and motorboats or taking a guided tour of Lake Gérardmer on a sightseeing cruise.

The Vallée des Lacs also offers a rich and varied cultural heritage. Ancient crafts have been creatively and imaginatively re-worked and are of great interest to tourists.

Craft Industry

The craft industry, mainly revolves around woodwork (clogs, toys and other objects made of wood), glasswork and the creation of highly original jewellery, dried flowers, earthenware pottery, doll-making, rearing of angora goats and mohair production...

Gérardmer also has a rich industrial heritage with traditional industries,such as timber (ancient woodworking trades, transporting of wood by sledge, tree felling, tree hauling by horse, as well as modern sawmills) and textiles, with weaving and factory outlets that have made the "Made in Gérardmer" label famous for household linen (with ames such as Jacquard Français, Garnier-Thiébaut and Linvosges).

As regards food and drink, numerous local producers welcome visitors to come and try their produce: Vosges honey, genuine Vosges sweets, Munster-Gérômé cheese and Petits Crus Vosgiens (drinks with a high alcohol content made with fruit or plants).
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