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What is a vertical kilometre trail ?

1 x 600 m + 1 x 400 m ascents to reach 1000 m elevation, thus the vertical kilometre.

Please note that you are on a protected natural area, please respect the periods of practice: July, August and September.

How  doing the ascent of this kilometre ?

Start: Bussang Tourist Office

Follow the KV1 marks (600m elevation), then descend to reach the start of the remaining 400m and follow the KV2 marks to go up along the former Bouloie ski slope to the Tête de la Bouloie over a length of more than 7 km to reach the vertical kilometre.

A guide is available to accompany you if you wish: BILOBAREV - Matthieu FRANÇOIS : + 33 (0)6 87 74 22 69 / /

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