In the middle of the Valley of the Lakes

In the heart of the Valley of Lakes

We are pleased to welcome you to our village, to take full advantage of our beautiful valley.

Xonrupt Longemer, it is water, forest, mountain, green, and snow… A thousand
reasons to love our village all year round. At the foot of Hohneck (at an altitude of 1363 m), this village, located just 5 km from Gérardmer, keeps its natural assets and protects its place in the heart of the Valley of Lakes.The village of Xonrupt has the benefit of an outstanding geographic location. It is surrounded by countryside and lies in the heart of the Vosges Mountains. Its economy is heavily influenced by tourism and all of the activities related to it.


There was still a great deal of agriculture (92 farms in all) when the village was separated from neighbouring Gérardmer and established in its own right in 1919, but tourism and local crafts gradually took over, especially since the 1950s. In spite of that the natural environment has been very well preserved and the inhabitants of Xonrupt have succeeded in protecting their natural heritage, to the delight of its many visitors. A third of its territory (pop. circa 900) centring on Lake Longemer (pop. 76) was listed as an area of outstanding natural beauty in 2002.


Nevertheless, industry is still present and includes, together with about thirty companies and craft workers, a large recently modernized sawmill, a precision mechanics company and a wooden chalet company. It also has a bleaching factory which dates from the beginning of the 20th century, when cloth was bleached outside in the meadows. It now uses the most up-to-date processes. The economy of Xonrupt is highly varied. It offers something for everyone, and is in total harmony with the magnificent natural setting of the Vallée des Lacs.
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